Network Operations Center

Network Operations Center collage of photos

Network Operations Center Support

Remote, real-time risk detection of your organization’s mission critical systems with nearly immediate notifications.

Device Health

Constant monitoring of the health of your security devices.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance–get ahead of issues before they become problems.

Network Operations Center: One Centralized View

Monitor all of your security devices through our NOC: Network Operations Center. As soon as we identify an issue, we troubleshoot and resolve it through our existing system maintenance contract. Improve up-time and reliability with smart dashboards and real-time, constant health checks and cyber security controls.

How It Works

Remote “probes” are installed on servers to monitor your security network.

IPS installs an application on your organization’s video server to perform constant health monitoring and cyber security controls.
Your organization then transmit outbound information with secure TLS protocol to our secure AWS server.